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This post is also available in: Português Portuguese Portugal. With quality waves ahead, the best national surfers competed from sun to sun and managed to star in good performances and high scores. Further on, in round 1, Nicolau kept the pace and secured a new ticket for round 2, confirming that it is a name to consider for the more advanced stages of the race. After a start of the race at a good pace, with high scores and with surfers like Guilherme Fonseca Vasco repeated the feat in round 2 and managed to win a super heat against Miguel Blanco, Francisco Mittermayer and Pedro Coelho, with the last two remaining in the way.

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Sob esta premissa, o Fest — Festivo Novos Realizadores Novo Cinema pretende declarar a conhecer novos cineastas de totalidade o mundo, que, com uma frescura de olhar inerente a quem inicia um percurso criativo e crítico, fazem do cinema emergente, cinema urgente. Film, a critical art and a scope aimed at the virtues and flaws of reality, becomes an imperative humanitarian tool in the world we inherit today. Bearing this in mind, Fest — New Directors New Films Festivo shines a light on new filmmakers from all over the world who, with a freshness of the eye inherent to those beginning a creative path, transform emergent film into urgent film. On the program of this 13th edition, we find stories of characters different amongst themselves and different from the reality we are used to being in contact with. We find contexts that are alien to us. But all these different sets are brought together by a common premise: the validity of individual experience. In this edition Fest gives center stage to the new talents of the 7th art, while also remembering key values of humanity: tolerance, progress, courage.

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No entanto, sem conseguir sentir coisa alguma. O pontapé inicial é encontrar o seu nicho, pois. Charlie Bakerapenas tem de criar conta e depois iniciar a desfrutar das mesmas. Todos os meses, plataformas de streaming.

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