Coleção Gosto de Saber - Língua Portuguesa - Volume 3º ano PROFESSOR

Kung fusão 139738

Saltar para: Posts [1]Pesquisa e Arquivos [2]. Enciclopédia completa. History - The history of human presence in Korea dates back approximately 30, years and is shrouded in tribal warfare. About 4, years ago, the first traces of civilization and cities appeared, having since evolved to, about 2, years ago, three kingdoms were formed on the Korean peninsula and, from then on, that time is precisely known as the era of the 3 kingdoms. Buddhism took root as the official religion of the 3 Kingdoms and with Buddhism came a set of Indian influences From that period, economics, literature and the arts developed. The Martial Arts, due to all the circumstances experienced at the time, were also developing and, given their proximity, they were transmitted to neighboring countries such as Japan and China, societies with which Korea always had an intense commercial and cultural exchange. In the 6th century AD appear the first records of a warrior culture called Hwa Rang Flowering Knights that stood out for the practice of Martial Arts, as well as for poetry and painting, being distinguished intellectuals of the time. The war disputes eventually gave rise to the unification of Korea with great influence of the Hwa Rang, resulting in the appearance of the dynasty with the longest longevity in the history of Asia, the Silla dynasty, which lasted for years.

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ISBN 1. Língua portuguesa Ensino fundamental — Estudo e ensino. Souza, Marta Ubeda Miranda de. Santos, Sérgio Bonfim dos. VII Encaminhamento metodológico IX Eixo Escrita X Eixo Conhecimentos linguísticos e gramaticais XIII Gêneros textuais XX Leitura complementar

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