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Hotel Rural Club D’ Azeitao

Hotel Rural Club D’ Azeitao

The Hotel Rural Club D’ Azeitao is in a charming place for a break in a building from the XVI century, nowadays restored into a 46 rooms hotel in a Portuguese style and a warm welcome in Azeitao, 10km from Setubal and 30 km far from Lisbon.

Nestled in beautiful Portuguese countryside, this fashionable hotel is a great choice for all types of traveller.

Whether you are in Portugal on business, here for a holiday or to check out the wealth of culture this region offers, this classy well facilitated hotel is a great option.

Here you are very near the origins of the world-famous Moscatel wine and the Azeitao gourmet cheese, so why not take advantage and try it?


The hotel has Reception, Bar, Snack Bar, Living room and large outside areas with Swimming-Pool and Tennis Courts. Private Car Parking.

The hotel is in the Natural and Preserved Park of Arrabida.

Gourmet cheese tasting – Azeitão cheese

Gourmet cheese tasting – Azeitão cheese

One of the many delicacies you can taste in the Setubal region is the “Queijo de Azeitao” or Azeitao’s cheese.

It was named after the village where it was born and it is said that only experienced artisans have the know-how to produce this gourmet favorite.

Made for generations at the foot of the Arrabida Hills, the Azeitao’s Cheese is produced from the raw sheep’s milk, the producers only add thistle and salt.

The cheese is coagulated with cardoon thistle instead of traditional animal rennet and it has a buttery texture.

The cure has the duration of 20 days at least. During this time every day cheeses are turned, cleaned and washed, every time it’s needed, to keep the crust clean and smooth.

The pastures where the sheep of Azeitao graze are lush and covered in herbaceous scrub, giving the milk its characteristically rich and unique flavor.

The end product is a thick, smooth, and soft cheese with a strong, earthy aroma.

When left at room temperature, the cheese becomes almost a melt yellow cream and it is eaten by using a spoon to take it out and spread it on bread or crackers.

It weights about 100 gr. or 200 gr. a piece (approximately 8 ounces). Molded in cloth, Queijo de Azeitao has a rustic appearance that adds to its romance and tradition. All the cheese have a sequential number and an origin certificate.

This cheese and a bottle of Moscatel of Setubal make an outstanding and distinct souvenir.

If you never tasted Portuguese cheese before, we guarantee that this is a good place to start.

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Contact us if you want to know more about the Queijo de Azeitao