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Arrábida Hills

Arrábida Hills

The originality of the scenery and harmony of Man in his environment reveal a perfect integration of the two in a natural and sociocultural context which surrounds the Arrabida Hills in Setubal.

These chalky hills have the only surviving example of primitive Mediterranean vegetation.

Tucked away in the heart of Arrabida’s Natural Park, the formation goes back 180 million years.

The soil and mild climatic features, considered the best in Portugal, have produced a lush vegetation rich in species.

The park covers the Arrabida Hills, which Mediterranean-like vegetation and micro-climate resemble Adriatic locations.

Although the 50km long ridge of the Arrabida attains a maximum of only 501m (Alto do Formosinho), the views from the top are truly spectacular, giving the impression of much greater altitude. The strategic position of the Arrabida Marine Park makes it an ideal laboratory to travel for studies on marine biodiversity and climate change.

What to do in the Arrabida Hills?

  • Beaches: Relax on the sand at Portinho da Arrabida, a delightful small beach nestled in a bay with calm, crystal blue-green water that is excellent for swimming and diving. Make a visit also to Figueirinha, it looks out over the Bay of Setubal and has the beautiful backdrop of the Arrabida hills. The popularity of this beach is aided by both the ease of access and the calm waters and is suitable for windsurfing at low tide, when a cove is created by a sandbank.
  • Walking Tours: Travel here and dive yourself into the wild landscapes of the Arrabida Hills on a guided hiking trail which offers you a chance to capture the true essence of the region.
  • Sports: Mountain Biking, hiking, sea kayaking are some of the many sports you can practise here, since the mountain and the bay below offers perfect conditions for these sports.
  • Jeep tours: This is the most popular safari trip practiced in the surroundings of Lisbon,with stopovers in places for fantastic views of the mountain and the ocean. Tip: Combine the tour with a wine and cheese tasting.
  • Photographing: With a beautiful and breathtaking scenery, the Arrabida Hills is the place to travel and to be for landscape photographers,
  • Arrabida Monastery: Built on 1542 by Frei Martinho de Santa Maria, this monastery is hidden between the lush vegetation. Used by religious orders in the past, it has the “old monastery” with some rooms built inside the rocks and the “new monastery” where later was built the kitchen, library, watch tower and other rooms. The Arrabida monastery is currently owned by the Orient Foundation, with many cultural events taking place.
  • Arrabida Natural Honey: The well-known Arrabida Natural Honey is produced here, get the chance to taste it! Know more about the Arrabida Honey.
  • Just relaxing: This location is perfect if you’re looking for the tranquility and peace that only the contact with nature offers. A perfect place to meditate, relax or just listen to the nature sounds.

And why not combine several activities together to make the perfect holidays?

The Natural Park of Arrabida is an area of excellent views, culture, history and hundred-year-old traditions as well as having an economic importance regarding tourism.

Add it to your travel guide! The nature park (land and sea) is being proposed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and was a “Gift to the Earth” by the Portuguese government through WWF in the International Year of the Oceans (1998).

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal

Watch this video and see the Arrabida beauty:

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Coelhos beach Arrábida

Coelhos beach   Arrábida

Coelho’s beach on Arrábida, Setubal it’s a small cove paradise situated at the foot of the Natural Park of Arrábida, white sand, gentle and bathing transparent and peaceful.

Very nice and quiet beach surrounded by forest. It has a small bar support and because is small, there are not place for too many people.

The access could be direct, via Galapos beach or by boat.

Parking: Outdoor hard, very limited parking.

Activities: underwater fishing, swimming, scuba dive.

We invite you to spend some of your vacations and holiday’s time visiting Arrábida Hills and Troia.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations, hotel, choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.



The Arrabida National Park is home to the best hiking trail in the vicinity of Lisbon, and its a mere 5 minutes drive from the city of Setubal.

The trailhead is located about 100 feet down the road from the Convento da Arrabida.

It runs down the extremely steep slope of the mountain, along a rugged, partly washed-out trail that winds through heavy foliage, including fragrant wild rosemary bushes.

The views of the sea on the way down are spectacular and worth stopping to savor.

At the bottom, hikers should follow the road to Portinho da Arrabida and the oceanography Museum.

Along the way, there is a large orphanage that looks like a hotel or dormitory on the left.

Across from this is a path that leads down to a sea cave.

The main road itself leads to a small village with a few good seafood restaurants and a nice beach, and at the end of the road are the ruins of a Roman salt fish works.

This is a one-way trail, so the return trip means going back by the same route.

What to take with you

Sturdy walking boots and walking socks (with a change of socks rucksack), rucksack/day pack, swimming costume, water bottle, insect repellent, sun glasses, sun hat, sun block/cream, compass, torch and a first-aid kit.

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

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Bike Tours

Bike Tours

Visit Setubal on a bike!

The region of Setubal is wonderful for bicycle rides and a good way of knowing several locations while feeling the atmosphere.

The region offers several options, from luxury bike tours to mountain biking on the Arrabida Hills:

The cycling trips are designed around you, with your team and network of friends and partners along each route, guided and self-guided to ensure your tour is packed full of exploration and discovery.

Our bike tours in Setubal specialists take care of the behind-the-scenes extras so you can relax and pedal your way to a fresh state of mind.

Ride through the expansive Arrabida Natural Park by day and indulge on tantalizing seafood dishes and savoury wines by night.

Each day brings a new wave of adventure to tease your senses and awaken your inner explorer.

Sure to make your trip to Portugal an unforgettable one!

Tour details:

  • 8 days/7 nights
  • daily distance: 15-35 miles / 25-60km average
  • hybrid cycle and helmet
  • accommodation and breakfast (in historic castles, palaces and country villas)
  • luggage transfer
  • wine tastings
  • rider’s insurance
  • BCB jersey & water bottle

Mountain Biking

For the more adventurous at heart, you can discover the Arrabida Hills on an off-road mountain bike.

Expect lots of adrenaline and prepared to be amazed by the stunning views.

The land is red and the vegetation is unique.

You will be surprised by the technical sections and you will have to make use of your skills.

On a mountain bike, you can visit interesting locations like archaeological places, the Palmela Castle, enjoy beautiful trails and the luxuriant mediterranean vegetation of the Arrabida Hills.

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations,hotel , choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

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