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Montijo is a portuguese city on district of Setúbal near the capital (20 km) with 26500 habitants.

A city that join the beauty of Tagus river with rural landscapes, that makes excellent contrast of colours.

With human presence since Paleolithic, “Aldegallega” is the primitive name of Montijo .

The locals dedicated to salt extraction and wine-producing. In the past, Montijo supplied the capital of Portugal through small boats and “bateis” (specific boats).

What to see and do in Montijo:

Walking tours : There are different walking tours available where you can improve the knowledge of Montijo and surroundings. It’s possible to make different

Hunting Reserves : You can hunt ducks and wild boar. An encounter with nature and an opportunity to knowing the region.

Museum : Located at Atalaia is dedicated to the rural region and brings together much of the ethnographic collection of the municipal museum.

Historic Church : a historical place where you can enjoy several relics, including an altar piece designer by Tomás Luis of XVI century.

Gastronomy : influenced by Montijo location along the river and rural areas of fertile soils that produces food for a wealth of distinctive flavors in cuisine. Some local dishes: Caldeirada à Pescador, Lamejinhas abertas ao Natural, Massinha de safio, Ensopado de Enguias c/arroz de pimentos ou c/Açorda, Carne de Porco c/Enguias. Confectionery : Queijadinhas de Leite, Bolo de Milho, Pudim de Vinagre.

Crafts : tiles e stained glass, Copper, Bandarilhas, painted ostrich eggs, saddlery , cork.

Sports : You can practice several sports and specially BTT, Allroad, slide, rappel, climbing, canoeing, balloon.

Fishing: traditional fishing, practiced from the beaches and banks of the Tagus River.

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