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The Municipality of Moita integrates the Setúbal district and is on the left margin o Tagus Estuary.

Easy access to neighbor counties, district capital and Portuguese capital, over time developed a strong relationship with the Tagus River.

Stunning scenery in more than 20 km of the margin of the river, where the view changes between the green areas (salt marshes) with the blue of the river beach.

Characterized by his heritage and religious monuments it is also possible to make several activities in the county.

What to do?

Walks: There is a set of possible hikes through the county, along the Tagus River ,the old salt pans and bird, existing parks and gardens, the old salt pans and bird and Cais (XVIII Century), Shipyard River Beach and at Rosário.

Religious Heritage : Moita holds a diverse religious heritage a Igreja Matriz de S. Lourenço (Alhos Vedros, XIII Century) Igreja da Misericórdia (Alhos Vedros, XVI Century), Igreja da Misericórdia (Moita, XVII Century), Altar de Nossa Sra. Da Piedade (Moita, XVIII Century) and the Capela do Rosário (Rosário, XVI century)

Heritage: Amazing heritage that travels should see when travel to Moita, like Porta Manuelina (Moita, Century XV / XVI) “Moorish” Well (Alhos Vedros) and the Alhos Vedros Tide Mill that was used during centuries for the milling process of flour, built-in the seventeenth century are places of a cultural interest.

Cuisine: Land of sailors to the region’s gastronomy is strongly linked to the Tagus River, and it can be shown in several restaurants specialties such as Fragateiro Stew, Eels Stew, shellfish Rice , among others.

Bullfighting: A tradition since 1837 which records exist, but only in 1872 was completed the Bullring Nossa Senhora Da Boa Viagem, sometimes called Praça da Caldeira. In 1950 it was replaced by the current. It current to start the annual feasts of bulls from different parishes of the municipality.

Tennis: A set of infrastructure for the sport equipped with artificial lighting.

Swimming: In a pool with dimensions of 25m x 12, 5m.

Moita, Cais da Moita Moita , Interior of a Church Moita, Fogo de Artificio

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