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Alcochete is a Portuguese town with a population of 16,194 habitants, built-in the district of Setúbal.

In the middle of Tejo Estuary has unique access roads connecting the Portuguese capital (Lisbon) through the Bridge Vasco da Gama. (The Vasco da Gama Bridge is 9th biggest bridge worldwide and the first in Europe, with a total length of 17,3 km, ten made on the waters of the Tejo Estuary).

This city has road links to the A1 (Lisbon-Porto), IC 32 ( Alcochete / Palmela) and connection to the A2 (Lisbon / Algarve).

Calm place for living at Portugal Dream Coast, tranquility and calm are two characteristics of this place.

Located on the east of the city, you can find also the Freeport, the major Outlet in Europe with lots of shops where you can buy different products.

Friendliness and hospitality are the two characteristics that mark particularly the locals, where it is possible to develop a set of activities, including:

Nature : Natural Reserve of the Tejo Estuary, a haven to more than 120,000 birds at some times of year in which we emphasize the community existing flamingos.

Cuisine: Alcochete is marked by a series of gourmet dishes that are the delight of many tourists and locals, including: “Massa de Choco”, “Ensopado de Enguias”, “Caldeirada à Fragateiro”, “Amêijoas Alcochetanas”, “Linguadinhos Fritos” and “Batatas Ensalsadas”.

Regional desserts: “Arroz Doce Branco” unleavened fantastic. The tradition says that “Arroz Doce Branco” was offered on the eve of marriage, with a small feature: the size of the sleepers was proportional to the importance of the wedding guests.

Boat Trips : Ideal for photographic moments of rare beauty is the river boat ride makes the whole of this waterfront location. Navigate throughout all the year.

Museums : Núcleo do Sal and Núcleo de Arte Sacra (besides the church itself, a mannered interesting space, with its altarpiece, designed by Diogo Teixeira and Antonio da Costa, composed of six thematic panels forming two levels – the Birth and Passion of Christ – the visitor can see pieces of jewelry, paintings, garments, documentary collection and sculpture. As the painting collection and the significance of May which was the basis of the creation of the core, covering the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, with special highlighted to the Flag of Mercy, one of the oldest in the country)

Crafts Location: Traditions, knowledge and experiences, the traditional handicrafts of Alcochete reveals all visitors to the roots strong maritime world.

Bullfight: over time, tradition and culture of the bulls and their rituals have survived, and there are unique performances each year with the best riders and groups of pitchforks in the area.

Skate : with an area of 322 m2, the Skate Park Beach Mills comprises: halpipe, quarter pipe, grind rail and a curved seat and grind step.

Festivals and Local Fairs : Confraternização Camponesa, Círio dos Marítimos de Alcochete , Festas do Barrete Verde e das Salinas, Festas de São João Baptista, Festas Populares de Samouco.

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Alcochete , Arte Sacra MuseumAlcochete , King Dom Manuel I

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