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Safari Park

Safari Park

Located in Vila Nova de Santo André, Santiago do Cacem on the Setubal region, this Safari Park is a nature park with an area of 90 hectares whose central theme is Africa and invites you to spend a different day in the middle of nature, and experience the beauty of animal life, in full freedom.

You can take cool photos.

Safari Adventure

Just around 30 minutes drive south from the city of Setubal, this is an incredible experience for you and your kids or for you and your friends.

The main attraction is called Safari Adventure where on a jeep tour you’ll follow a path that last about 1 hour and you can see and mingle with many animals like amongst others:

  • zebras,
  • giraffes,
  • buffalos,
  • fallow deer,
  • llamas,
  • Springbok,
  • common wildebeest,
  • white-tailed wildebeest,
  • impalas,
  • and many other species on a stunning landscape.

The park currently has about 250 wild animals belonging to 45 different species, some included on the EEP-European endangered species programme.

All these animals and some more are mixed and live in free-range.

Except for the giraffes, that are kept indoors in the winter and cold nights.

The park also include a show of birds of prey and several infrastructure recreational and educational, as the Park of kangaroos, the Lake of the Flamingos and Ibis, Park Coatis, the Exotic Bird Garden and a playground.

Directions: From the city of Setubal, follow the A2 motorway south and exit in Grandola/Sines, then follow the IC33 road and drive around 34km (21 miles) until you reach the Park.

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