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Arrabida Natural Honey

Arrabida Natural Honey

Discover the sensory delights of the Arrabida natural honey made from hives situated amongst the wild flowers and herbs that cover the slopes.

In the region of Setubal there are more than 200 top producers of honey that use traditional methods, almost all in Sesimbra.

Of the many components in natural honey, the natural antioxidants have attracted much attention.They comprise series of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, cinnamon acids and substituted benzoic acids and impart health benefits to the honey.

They have also been shown to be useful markers of the floral source or geographical origin of the product.

On the Arrabida, the combination of rosemary, time and the mediterranean climate delivers a unique quality and flavour to the Arrabida honey.

Other product produced with the Arrabida honey are Royal Jelly.

You can buy the Arrabida Honey in many places in the Setubal region and there’s also an annual event dedicated to it: “Zimbramel” on the Sesimbra Castle.

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations,hotel , choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

Contact us to know more information about the Arrabida Natural Honey.

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