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Seixal presents a riverside zone with cultural, economical and social potentialities for tourism.

The city has available a several activities always connected with the history and is fantastic to take a walk near river and have fun with family.

Seixal is privileged, on North of Setubal Peninsula and inside the Lisbon Metropolitan Area has transportation by boat, train and amazing roads to the capital or to South of the country

What you can do at Seixal :

Canoeing – the presence of several yacht clubs in the region, allows for canoeing in the environment of living with nature.

Boat trips – You can make a boat trip through River Tagus on the river on traditional boats.

Museums – besides the expositions, the local museum have his own investigation of local habits, specially from Tagus River.

History : You can visit Quinta da Fidalga . Founded on XV century had agricultural and recreational functions. This space is mostly connected to Vasco da Gama brother (Paulo da Gama), that stayed in this farm to follow  the construction of caravels which Vasco da Gama used to discover the Maritime Route to India.

Church : Wonderful historic churches from XV century till XIX century construction.

Gastronomy : the local cuisine was historically dependent on agriculture, fisheries and livestock. by creating specific feeding habits that have lasted to this day. Amazing local plates : “Feijoada de Choco”, “Caldeirada”, “Massa de Peixe”, “Enguias Fritas” and “Ensopado de Enguias” are traditional one. For dessert we suggest you “Pastelinhos de Santa Marta”.

Crafts: known as folk art is part of the local culture and is an identification of local people. Strong local traditions with excellent artifices, are characterized by their ability to build ships in miniature. They made amazing local products like tiles, ceramics, pottery, basketry, in wood, textiles, decorative arts and much more.

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We also invite you to spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations,hotel , choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

Travel Portugal and travel Setubal.

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