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The tile heritage of the county of Montijo

The tile heritage of the county of Montijo

Municipal Museum of Montijo has till the end of the year and exhibition called “Tiles from Montijo“, a journey through history of the tiles from XVI till XX century.

With this exhibition aims to publicize the heritage of the county tile most significant, contributing to the preservation of art tile, a Portuguese and artistic expression so rich in its aesthetic and historical dimensions.

The exhibition was designed based on the study and Rosário Salema Isabel Pires de Carvalho, with the scientific coordination of Maria Alexandra Trindade Gago da Câmara, who originated the book “The heritage of the county of Montijo tile” Local Studies Collection, edited by the Chamber of Montijo.

You can visit the exhibition from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:30am and from 2pm till 5:30pm.

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