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Castle of Sesimbra

Castle of Sesimbra

Sesimbra´s Castle is the last Portuguese coastal castle built according to the medieval style with an irregular layout on top of the hill.

On the eastern side lies the fortress, made up of the turrets and donjon, while the rest of the perimeter is defined by the village’s wall, featuring turreted gates and it ends with a tower on the western side.

Reinforced by Omar Emirate in the 10th Century was conquered once again before 1199 by Frankish settlers and enclosed Sesimbra until the 16th century. 

The renovation works executed between 1936 and 1941 halted  a process of decay that had lasted for the past four centuries.

It was classified as a Monument of National Interest by a decree dated 16th June 1910, as well as Protected Area by a decree issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Communication (dated 9th October 1945) and by another decree issued by the Ministry of National Education, on 23rd September 1960.

Opening hours of the Castle of Sesimbra:

Summer : Monday to Sunday , from 7 am till 8 pm
Winter : Monday to Sunday, from 7 am – 7 pm

Additional Information:

Visit Sesimbra a village with amazing activities , wonderful accommodation with sea front, gastronomy based on fish dishes and excellent beaches.

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