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In the region of Setubal at Portugal Dream Coast you can enjoy speed through two kart tracks located at two different points, Palmela and Vila Nova de Santo André.

The track that is locate at Palmela, has a length of 1270 metres with a constant width of 10 metres and Vila Nova de Santo André track has 1020 metres with a constant track width of 8 metres.

The Kart Tracks are equipped with several rental services (individual and groups) for use of senior or kids, but always safe.

Both tracks have other facilities like press conference rooms, restaurants with several dishes or self-service as a range of other activities to offer amazing moments of leisure and relaxation. Enthusiasts of this kind of sport, will have great moments of pleasure, feeling the adrenaline rush.

Just need to travel to Portugal Dream Coast and try it at Palmela or Vila Nova de Santo André (near Santiago do Cacém ).

We invite you to spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations,hotel , choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

Travel Portugal and travel Setubal.

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