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From Setubal to the world, Hands on Approach

From Setubal to the world, Hands on Approach

In 1996, the vocalist and guitar player from Setubal, Rui David was singing and playing when a radio DJ contact him to play live on a radio show.

During the following three years, the band Hands on Approach made several concerts, music festivals events and recorded demos.

In 1999, signed with a major label and release their first album called “Blown” (Gold Record ) in Portugal and Brasil. During 2000, Hands on Approach (facebook) released “Moving Spirit”, recorded and produced by Darreb Allison as the first album. (worked with Skunk Anansie, among others).

Following release “Groovin´on Monster´s Eye-balls” in 2005 and special “10 anos – Casino Figueira” in 2006 that was an acoustic album recorded live to celebrate ten years of the band career.

From Setúbal to the World, Hands on Approach (Rui David , Sérgio André Mendes, João Luís and João Coelho) are back in 2011, with the 5th album called “High & Above”, with three amazing singles called “High & Above”, “Days of Our Own” and “Black Tears (feat Ana Free)”. Nowdays, they are preparing the “High & Above 2011 Tour.

It’s a great music sound.

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