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José Maria da Fonseca Wines

José Maria da Fonseca Wines

Innovation and tradition are the keywords defining the work of José Maria da Fonseca.

Owned and managed by the same family for close to 200 years, the focus has always been on updating and looking ahead, never on standing still to reflect back on former glories.

José Maria da Fonseca initiated the business in 1834, and his passion for winegrowing has been shared by the family ever since, all of whom strive to maintain the high standards set by the founder.

Shouldering the responsibility of  what it means to be the oldest producer of tall e wines and Setubal Moscatel in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca follows the philosophy of permanent development, investing heavily in research and production methods, allying modern techniques with traditional know how.

With the Manor House in Vila Nogueira de Azeitao on the Setubal Peninsula, Jose Maria da Fonseca continued the investment to produce quality wines of worldwide renown and has made a decisive contribution to the recognition Portuguese wines now enjoy abroad.

The 700 hectares of vineyard and state-of-the-art winery – to rival the best anywhere in the world – result in wines that ally the accumulated experience of history with the most advanced winemaking technology.

Over and above all the resources used in producing its wines, it is the passionate commitment to the art of winemaking that best characterises the work of José Maria da Fonseca.

It is this passion, rousing emotions, that José Maria da Fonseca imparts to the consumer each time he drinks one of its wines.

Periquita, the most ancient table wine brand in Portugal celebrates this year 160 years of existence. Joining the traditional Periquita Red,Moscato, the White, Rose and the Reserva, Jose Maria da Fonseca recently launched a new member: the Periquita Superior, at the top of the family range.

Tour Schedule:

Everyday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

From Monday to Sunday. Open on Bank Holiday.

Guided tour w/ 2 wine tasting = 3€ per person

The tour starts in the Museum Room with a brief summary of the company’s history.

Then, after enjoying a walk through the lovely gardens, visitors have the opportunity of visiting three cellars.

The first is called Adega da Mata, where the famous Periquita matures in oak casks.

We then proceed to the Teares Novos Cellar, venue for the sumptuous annual assembly of the Periquita Brotherhood, and finally we come to the Teares Velhos Cellar, where the oldest Setubal muscatels slumber in silence.

The tour ends with a wine tasting.


Street Jose Augusto Coelho nº 11-13 – Vila Nogueira de Azeitao

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