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Marcus Werneck in Sesimbra for Scuba courses

Marcus Werneck in Sesimbra for Scuba courses

Marcus Werneck, director of training and technical and marketing consultant in the field of recreational diving and considered one of the best Scuba Instructors in the world, will be in Sesimbra in November for a series of Scuba courses.


– GUE Fundamentals: – 12 – 16 de November

– GUE Fundamentals: 17 – 21 de November

– GUE Tech1: 22 – 27 de November

– GUE Cave1:  28 de Nov to 3 de December

Marcus Werneck qualifications:

* Certified as a Scuba Diver since 1982
* Certified as a Scuba Diver Instructor since 1985
* Certified instructor certifier by Scuba Instructor Schools International (SSI)
* Certified Technical Diving Instructor Trainer by the Scuba Schools International (SSI).
* Certified Platinum pro 5000 diver and Platinum instructor by the Scuba Schools International (SSI).
* Certified Instructor trainer by Professional Diving Instructor Corporation – PDIC
* Certified Instructor in the Cave and Tech by Global Underwater Explorers – GUE;
* RB80 Diver GUE
* Certified Instructor for technical diving and cave dive by the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
* Certified Instructor trainer for first aid and CPR by the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)
* Certified Instructor trainer in dive medical emergencies by Divers Alert Network (DAN)
* Dive Explorer leader of caves and underwater expeditions in dives with more than 150m deep and 8 hours duration, to technical and scientific institutions such as Brazilian National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,among others;

Community Involvement

* Director of Brazilian Association of Dive Business (ABEM)
* One of the two Brazilian representatives in the development of International Standard Organization (ISO), standards for the activity of SCUBA diving.
* One of the first GUE instructors in 1999.


* Author of dive manuals and technical articles and textbooks on the field of Recreational, Technical, Scientific dive.
* Author with the largest number of dive manuals and articles published on Portuguese language.

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