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Hotel do Sado

Hotel do Sado

The sea of a unique blue The sun that insists in showing its presence .

The most beautiful mountain landscapes And some of the best golf courses in Portugal. At the cosmopolitan city of Setubal, just a few km from Lisbon, in a land of poets there’s an enchanted place: the Hotel do Sado Business & Nature * * * *

That’s the hotel that has as its brand the art of receiving and the well-being of its guests.

People that, like the migratory birds that each year chose Setubal, also always return to this hotel.

A place with access to a white sand beaches, green golf courses and a historic patrimony rich in memories of arabic and “Berbers” histories, common on the blue coast.

Let yourself emerge on the Bocage poetry and Luisa Todi and fall in love with the Arrabida Hills, strolling by the Sado margins or going through the historic patrimony of one of the three most ancient cities in the country. And from the sea comes future memories of this place.

With the panoramic views of the eight floor of the Hotel do Sado Business & Nature * * * *, you have to indulge on the excellent dishes of national cuisine, concocted with much love.

At the same place render yourself to the Baco pleasures and enjoy a typical wine of this region while you write the verses of your own poetry.

With stunning views over the marina and the city, the Hotel do Sado Business & Nature * * * * provides the well-being and services of a 4 star hotel, on a stunning location.

Address: Rua (Street) Irene Lisboa, 1/3 2900-028 Setubal (Portugal) GPS: +38.530588 / -8.902057 Phone: +351 265 542 800 / Fax: +351 265 542 828 Email: Web:


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