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The Setubal Oyster Festival

The Setubal Oyster Festival

Between the 27th September and the 10th October takes place in Setubal at the outdoor Albarquel Park “The Oyster Festival“,  dedicated to the well-known Portuguese oyster Crassostrea angulata.

It will be a week full of activities, between exhibitions, cooking workshops, tasting sessions, boat  trips on the Sado river and other outdoor activities.

If you enjoy oysters, this is an amazing opportunity to visit Setubal during this festival and taste the best oysters that the region has to offer, as well as wine tasting sessions.


From the 27th September until the 10th October 13 restaurants in Setubal include oyster dishes on their menus, from appetizers to main dish casseroles together with the region’s best wines:

  • O Convés
  • Champanheria
  • Hotel do Sado
  • O Marinheiro
  • Pérola da Mourisca
  • Made in Café
  • Baluarte da Avenida
  • Estuário do Sado
  • O Bocas
  • O Cupido
  • Marisqueira O Fernando
  • Xica Bia
  • O Miguel

Special Days: 2nd October – Activities on the Parque Urbano de Albarquel (Urban Park of Albarquel)

  • 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm: Introduction of the new Fitness program Yessence, Yfitball and Yjump
  • 10:30am – 12:30pm: Speaking lectures from experts in Oysters and Biodiversity issues
  • All afternoon: Oyster and Wine tasting sessions
  • 3pm: Live cooking session with chef António Alexandre
  • 3 – 7pm: Live music concerts

9th October– Boat trip on the Sado River

  • 10:15am – 7pm: Boat trip along the Sado River on an ancient galleon

10th October – Oysters and Champagne – Jazz in Setubal

  • 7-11pm: At the Hotel do Sado with a stunning view over the Setubal bay, several chefs will prepare oysters with many tasty variations. Indulge yourself on some fantastic dishes while listening to jazz music.

We invite you spend some of your vacations and holidays time visiting Arrábida Hills.

We invite you to visit Setubal and to visit  Portugal.

Just take your flight to Faro airport or Lisbon Airport, reserve accommodations,hotel , choose a restaurant and activities and welcome to Portugal Dream Coast.

Contact us if you with to attend or want to know more info:

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